Third Party Reviews

Joey Kottke | September 10, 2018 |

"I asked for a small trim on my hair which was pretty long and this woman completely buzzed my entire back of my head and made a straight line level with my ears. The front of my hair was also diagonal. Will never go back."

Greg LaBerge | September 11, 2018 |

"It's a (fairly cheap?) haircut place. You get what you're always going to get for a 20$ haircut. Make sure you have an account and check in prior to getting there, waits can be long and they rarely run a full staff. Don't expect an expertly crafted haircut here"

nate karkula | September 02, 2018 |

"This is a great location. The staff is friendly and professional. I have become a regular and usually make an appointment with April because I get a beard trim as well. She is amazing and one might even call her a "beardoligist" because she takes her time lining it up and actually cares what it looks like. Nate"

Lenin Castillo | February 11, 2018 |

"Nice place full of friendly ppl"

Joseph D. | March 03, 2015 |

"I know what you're thinking. 5 stars for a generic haircut chain? Well...yeah, I like this place! This location has grown to be my go-to whenever I need a cut thanks to their low prices, quick in & out and friendly service. It's just so damn convenient to walk in, watch ESPN highlights for 5-10 minutes, jump into the chair for about 15 minutes and then be on my way with a cut I feel is appropriate for my office and looks good too. Extra points for the two free neck hair trims between haircuts! I don't ask for anything too complicated but Sport Clips does exactly what I want in my hair cut spot perfectly."

Crystal H. | April 24, 2015 |

"Yes, one star. The last three times we went to this location it was a total flop. Obviously I kept trying to love it too. I took my son here twice. The first time the cut was horrible. It was obviously a hack job and the gal cutting it was annoyed when I tried to tell her to shorten the top. It didn't happen and I had to fix it myself when we got home. The second time I paid for the MVP and when we got home my son told me she didn't give him the massage. He's 9, he doesn't need a massage, but it makes him feel mature, manly, special, who cares I paid for it and it wasn't received. The final time was today when my husband went in to get a cut. He said she rushed through it and took the cape off before she asked him if he liked it and let him look at the back. He asked her to fix it and she didn't put the wrap around his neck and hair got all down the back of his shirt. She was obviously in a hurry. And he's still unhappy with the cut. I don't recommend this place. After three tries I can honestly say it's not great service. I tried to like you so hard Sport Clips! Go somewhere else. Salon 760 up the street is where I get my hair done and it's amazing! :)"

Asher S. | April 10, 2017 |

"Definitely worth giving a try. Great prices. Free upgrade your first time. Not a long wait (when I went). The the staff was friendly. The haircut looks good and was fairly quick + I got a free hot towel massage and back message + shampoo head massage. All for $19 (your first time there). And they head SportsCenter on."

Erick R. | August 17, 2017 |

"Been here 3 times and the hair cut was horrible and un attentive every. Single. time. Then when I was not satisfied and tried asking for what I wanted I got a snippy attitude from the stylist by being rough as possible and not even putting the apron back on like she was done anyway. Then I called to resolve issue and they hung up on me. I'll never be returning to this joke of an establishment and be taking my business to gents. Where I'll get a flawless amazing cut Every single time. The first time."

Elvis Barillas | January 05, 2018 |

"I am a regular to this Sports Clips, In the past I have gotten my last few haircuts from Jenny, witch I have been very happy with, she is quick, friendly and officiant. However today, the Asian lady cutting my hair rushed through it, asking me what I thought of it, WHILE SHE WAS STILL CUTTING. The entire process took only 15 minutes, (Mind you, I got the MVP), I left feeling extremely disappointed and unsatisfied with my haircut."

Mike Maloney | December 22, 2017 |

"I have been a long term customer and a healthy tipper as the haircuts have been respectable. However the new sign in process is stupid. I have to provided and enter my phone number email zip and agree to your terms --- for a hair cut. Really, your going to text me when I am sitting 12 feet away. And the employees are very little help during this process"